Do the Work!

Sure, sometimes it may seem like I'm bullying you in my workouts...yeah, just a bit! But that just means I'm helping you to create major results. And the truth is working out is hard to do — hey, even I have admitted before I don't love it! But the truth is it's the number form of preventive medicine and dramatically affects your hormone balance. I want you sweating, stretching, and pushing yourself. Don't just give up and not do the work that gets you to the results you want.
Here is what one of my online team member says about creating a solution to get up to get her workouts done and NOT hitting the snooze button.
I totally hear you... it is hard hard hard. I fought it really hard too — I didn't want to get up, or I would set my alarm so I could hit snooze. Here was my solution: I bought the loudest alarm I could, a cheap-o $10 one that buzzes really really anoyingly. It's plugged in on the other side of the room. When it goes off, I have to get out of bed, walk across the room to shut it. No snooze, I go right to my bathroom and spalsh water on my face. Workout clothes right there — I look at them and think how happy I will be AFTER the workout. Fight the urge, don't look at the bed. Go into my living room and it's all set — my yoga mat is out, my weights are set out, I've just gotta turn on the DVD for Jillian's video and go.
I feel GREAT the whole rest of the day — a huge change in stress load, it's like I worked it all out of my body!

Try it out and let me know if it works for you! good luck! – BigGoals


Anonymous said...

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Situ tulis awak ada kat Europe & terkandas kat sana sbb wallet hilang..

So, nak suh akak bank-in kan 1500 pounds..

Adakah ini kisah benar?

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nazliahnazeer said...

hahahaha kak zel tu msti spam.
tktau la cane blh jd camtu.
sy pun banyak dapat kwn2 punya jd camtu. siap emel balik. diorang cakap buka. ;p
tadi ada spupu tu dapat jugak. dia siap call lagi. haha.

Von Rod Limpot said...

i love your post..just keep it up...


Anonymous said...

folo & BW..

meh la jenguk belog ai..

salam kenal!(^_^)

mammamiastrawberry said...

salam ziarah...