Want Some Inspiration?!

Tammy, Houma, Louisiana

I know a lot of you have decided to get in shape this year. If you ever doubt that you can do it on my program, take a look at my 2008 New Year Challenge Winner, Tammy. She looks AMAZING! Not only did she lose the weight — she been keeping it off for TWO years! She just emailed me these pictures and said: “Year two anniversary... January 5, 2010. 142 pounds gone... 11 to go.”
Her before shot:
(Does this shirt look familiar? See what she's holding up in the first photo!)

Think of Tammy for motivation the next time you feel like you can’t fit in that workout or you’re reaching for that comfort food. Tammy has worked hard and this is proof of the healthy person she has become. If you want to read more of her success story, check it out.

Are YOU going to be a future success story?! :)


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